Next Level Culture

We specialize in working with leaders who are committed to strengthening their organization’s culture.  We help you plot a course for creating a corporate culture that is consistent with your deepest values and highest aspirations.  We offer processes, models and maps that break down transforming an entire corporate culture into manageable steps.  Let’s start the conversation today.

Our Mission

  • To help leaders actively build corporate cultures that serve the world, honor and grow people, and produce better business results.
  • To find, learn from, and gather the tribe of corporate culture builders and tell their stories.
  • To convene an annual summit for culture builders that becomes a sought-after community of practice.

Values and Practices

One of the ways to accelerate the evolution of your group’s culture to the next level is to agree on specific values and behaviors that are consistent with the culture you aspire to. We call this list of behaviors – cultural practices. We like the word practices because it reminds us that every moment is an opportunity to practice, and that none of us is perfect.

Below are the values and agreements that we make with each other at Next Level Culture. We are committed to practicing them every day and are willing to be supported by others in keeping them. Many of our clients adopt their own cultural practices that are consistent with their values and the cultures to which they aspire. Feel free to borrow from this list and make it your own.

Our Values:

  • Curiosity: Everything is an opportunity to learn, expand and grow.
  • 100% Responsibility: I am responsible for EVERYTHING –my experience, my circumstances, my results, and the impact I have on others.
  • Embodiment: Actions and words, beliefs and behaviors, walking the talk.
  • Holism: The power and capacity of the system increase when all parts of the system are welcomed and integrated.
  • Presence: Every moment is an invitation to be connected to effortless ease and flow.

Our Cultural Practices:

  • Listen generously and be curious; being curious is more useful than being right.
  • Assume positive intent and find the good purpose for what people do.
  • Be coachable and committed to learning and growth. Ask for feedback.
  • Communicate truthfully, directly and responsibly without laying blame.
  • Embrace differences, complexity and paradox:“Yes AND…”
  • Show up. Be on the court. When you notice yourself drift, shift back.
  • Be 100% responsible for your own experience, results and impact on others.
  • Work toward ‘level 5 alignment’ (100% commitment). No pocket vetos.
  • Have fun, celebrate successes and appreciate one another.