Jim Peal

Chief Attitude Dude

Jim has extensive global experience that spans the Pharmaceutical, Biotech Technology, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. Jim’s areas of expertise include: the integration and alignment of leaders and teams, team-based strategy development, culture integration in mergers and acquisitions, architecting and managing organizational change, transforming dysfunctional teams into productive teams, resolving conflict, executive coaching, and developing and leading executive impact and presentation skills programs. He has served as a project manager for major change initiatives and leadership training programs in a large variety of multinational companies. Jim is the founder of the Leadership Development Group.

His reputation as a powerful, natural master communicator who is dynamic, multi-talented, fun and inspiring is the trademark of his 20-plus year career. His degree at Baylor Medical School, his doctoral degree, and his certification as a NLP Master Trainer and Tilt 365 Coach demonstrate his ongoing commitment to education, creativity and excellence. Jim’s tenure includes serving as the executive leader of Sage Seminars, the Resource Training Institute, Integrative Therapy School and the NeuroSomatics Institute. He served on the faculty of Pacifica Graduate School and was the Chair of the Diversity Committee. He has also served in executive positions with his partner organizations since 1997.

Jim’s published works include: Check Your Attitude at the Door (English and German), Daring to Have Real Conversations, and Power Tools for Business Success (all on Amazon.com).He has trained thousands of executives and health professionals and has worked with hundreds of corporate teams from around the world. Jim has been instrumental in empowering businesses to make quantum increases in their productivity. He expresses the depth of his understanding of human beings and systems in an elegant, practical speaking and teaching style that enlightens and promotes long-lasting changes.