Calling All Culture-Builders

What is a culture-builder? It’s likely you.

Come join like-minded kin who believe in a
simple but radical conviction: culture matters.

“Culture-Builders” is a growing community that meets to support and learn from each other, improve our approach, and advance the field of culture development. We gather in person and online. We share what we have learned. We listen deeply. What we have in common is that we feel the call to intentionally evolve the culture of the groups we serve, and love to talk about it with others.

This “learning community” is for people who are actively engaged in shaping the culture of a group–be it a team, an organization, or a community. Both external (consultants and coaches) as well as internal culture-builders are welcome.

By joining, you get:

  • Access to our monthly Virtual Gatherings
  • Subscription to culture-builder profiles and interviews
  • Networking with your peers across different industries and fields
  • A way to increase your knowledge. Be the first to hear about new trends in this fast emerging field
  • To sharpen your skills and increase your expertise in the craft of culture-building

Join our growing community of culture-builders

If you consider yourself a culture-builder, we invite you to join the conversation. We gather monthly for interviews and dialogue with inspiring culture-builders.

We are all “culture-builders”

In one sense, each and every one of us is a culture-builder. Every time we interact with one or more people, we are reinforcing and shaping the ‘culture’ between us. As soon as we wake up to culture (become aware of how we are relating) we have a choice: We can continue to reinforce what’s here OR we can become a champion for the next level culture–someone who is acting with the desired culture in mind.

There are many inspiring examples of leaders who embrace the role of a culture-builder in their organizations. It’s not just an HR thing. They are CEOs, COOs, VPs, and Directors, Managers, and Individual Contributors from all parts of the organization. Some of their titles are explicit about their role as culture-builder: “Chief Happiness Engineer,” “Chief Culture Officer,” “Keeper of the Culture,” “Jolly Good Fellow,” “Senior VP of People’s Well Being,” “Director of Culture & Integration,” “The Social Glue.”

What we have in common is a natural curiosity about culture. We are intrigued by what’s possible in groups. We naturally pay attention to group dynamics and tend to be systems thinkers. We are committed to people feeling empowered, cared for and included.